FSU AmeriCorps Official Invited to Presidential Press Conference

Jan. 11, 2002
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FSU AmeriCorps Official Invited to Presidential Press Conference

Lisa Glass, budget manager of the A STAR! in Western Maryland AmeriCorps program at Frostburg State University, recently had the opportunity to be part of President's Bush's kickoff for the first relief flight to be sent to help Afghan children.

A press conference was held in a Church of the Brethren Warehouse in New Windsor, Md., on Dec. 8, honoring the groups that have helped coordinate the project and raise money for the America's Fund for Afghan Children, such as the Boys and Girls Clubs and scouting organizations. Glass, who works out of FSU's Hagerstown Center, was present as a representative of AmeriCorps. She was accompanied by her 7-year-old daughter, Victoria.

"We have given the Afghan children something to smile about, because America's children are generous, kind and compassionate. There have been bake sales and there have been lemonade stands and there are empty piggy banks and there have been all kinds of drives to raise money for the Afghan children," said President Bush at the conference, thanking America's children for their efforts.

Security was extremely tight, and only adults accompanying children were allowed into the press conference itself. There were a number of checkpoints and "a multitude of Secret Service agents," and each attendee had to be on a pre-screened list, Glass said.

"It's definitely the closest I've ever been to a president," Glass said.

Following the press conference, as the rest of the crowd filed out, Glass' group stayed behind to take pictures. Officials from Federal Express, CNN and the American Red Cross took the opportunity to interview and photograph Victoria and her friend, Conner Knight, 8. They were asked how their schools and communities helped support the fund. Glass was told that the children may be used in future promotions for the fund.

For more information about America's Fund for Afghan Children, visit the Web site at http://kidsfund.redcross.org/.

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