College Summit Group With Ties To FSU Wins Support From President Obama

April 9, 2010
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College Summit Group With Ties To FSU Wins Support From President Obama

In March 2010, President Barack Obama announced 10 non-profits he is choosing to support with his $1.4 million Nobel Peace Prize award. One of the groups, College Summit, has a very close tie-in with Frostburg State University.

College Summit supports high school students in communities across the country on their path to higher education. One of their largest and most successful programs in 2009 was a series of five workshops at FSU. Dave Treber, director of FSU Conferences & Events and Wray Blair, associate vice president for Enrollment Management at FSU, are among FSU personnel who work closely with College Summit, a program that brought 445 guests to campus and represented the second-largest summer conference at FSU last year.

All of the College Summit participants are rising seniors from Maryland and Washington D.C., and FSU is presented as a school that has an outstanding support network for all students. Leaders at the Frostburg summer College Summit programs talked each week about students making it in college after they make it to college, and sessions included writing coaches and counselors.

Blair noted that the high schools represented by College Summit are strong among FSU applicants, with students noting College Summit/FSU directly on the application. With programs such as Camp Hope, Upward Bound and Maryland Summer Centers bringing in approximately 8000 overnight guests each summer, many FSU students saw the campus first as a participant in a summer camp or conference.

College Summit is the nation's leading nonprofit organization helping public schools shift the focus from high school graduation to college success. The organization trains principals, teachers, and the most influential students in the school to put every student on the path to higher education. College Summit currently works with 25,000 students at 170 schools in 12 states and the District of Columbia.

Melva Jones, Strategic Events Manager for College Summit, said, "This honor reflects not only the incredibly dedicated work of our high school partners, but partnership of longstanding college partners. We're thrilled to be partnering with (FSU) this summer."

Frostburg State University was honored in 2009 by College Summit for its excellent performance in accommodating the group. Blair reported that he went to a fall conference which included counselors from the group: "They could not say enough about the wonderful treatment they received while they were here."

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